Which Electric Bike Should I Buy?

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November 6, 2021

Which Electric Bike Should I Buy?

Christian Angelo - September 11, 2021

What is an ebike?

An e-bike has an “e” because it is integrated with an electrical system - a motor, a battery, a display, and a sensor. Basically, an e-bike is similar to a regular bicycle, except for the electrical assist that the motor provides when it is engaged. 

Why buy an ebike?

E-bikes offer a whole new riding experience, especially to those who are not used to biking, riding long distances, or with low physical fitness levels. The amount of effort you exert in riding an e-bike is significantly less compared to a regular bike. The additional assistance will allow you to climb hills easier, travel faster, and control your exercise better.

E-bikes do not only satisfy your physical needs, they also contribute to the wellbeing of the rider too. You can ride with old friends, meet new ones, explore areas that have never been seen, enjoy routine bike sessions, and many more! 

If a regular bike is a great alternative mode of transportation, imagine what an ebike is capable of. With an ebike, you won’t end up too sweaty or out of breath for work. The motor of the ebike is your best partner, and it will assist you all the way until the last charge.

Ebikes are also perfect for trail lovers and adrenaline seekers who want to experience a more high-tech experience when it comes to speeding up and going down hills and slopes. With an e-bike, you won’t have to spend so much time lugging your mountain bike to the top of a hill. 

Looking for the perfect ride

Now that you know the versatility of the e-bike, it’s time to pick the right one for you. This list features the different types of electric bikes and their primary uses.

Electric commuter 

Commuter e-bikes are usually equipped with large-capacity batteries, a powerful motor to allow you to ride faster on highways and paved roads, and adapt to any traffic condition. What you’re looking for in an electric commuter is the top assisted speed, weight, battery performance, and certain accessories to compliment your commute.

Take a look at this e-bike commuter from Batch. It is equipped with a powerful Bosch motor, a rear rack for light loads, front and rear fenders, and front and tail lights for visibility. 

Electric road bikes

Electronic road bikes are super lightweight and slick-designed. They also have more gears, meaning more riding options. Generally, these bikes have a motor with only low torque so that you can feel a more natural pedal as you speed up. The motor is usually located at the hub, called hub-based motor, so that it looks similarly to a regular road bike.

This e-bike from Ribble is a perfect example - super lightweight, perfect aerodynamic design, and a hub-based motor to resemble the appearance of a regular road bike.

Electric mountain bike

The name speaks for itself. Electric mountain bikes are those who conquer hills, mountains, trails, and the jungle. These powerful e-bikes have high-quality suspension forks to tolerate the shifting terrain. They also have tires that are wider, more durable, and with more aggressive tread patterns to help in balancing speed and grip. If you want to buy an eMTB, make sure that it’s capable of the adventure you’re looking for.

This eMTB from Specialized is literally special as it can withstand all the challenges you want to take on. 

Electric hybrid bike

Electric hybrid bikes seem to be the most sellable bike type. They have flat ergonomic bars, wide tires that are suitable for any terrain, non-suspension forks for lighter weight, and commute-friendly accessories like fenders, rack mounts, and lighting. These features make them the most practical for any weather, road, or travel purpose.

Here’s a great model for an electric hybrid bike. It looks lightweight, durable, and capable of riding any terrain. This is the Ride1Up Roadster V2. 

Electric folding bike

Electric folding bikes are compact, easy to carry, and space-saving. If you don’t have much space in your house, or you live in a building that is not so roomy, then you should buy an electric folding bike. This will help you save space and enjoy cycling at the same time. Look for one that is lightweight, easy to fold, and equipped with branded parts.

The M-E1 electric folding bike may be the perfect fit for you. It is affordable, light, easy to fold, and equipped with a Shimano 56100 motor.

Electric fat bike

Electric fat bikes have the widest tires, allowing them to travel to any surface - paved, trail, sand, wet, or snow. Fat bikes are great cruisers which improve balance and control for a more versatile and comfortable ride. 

The Swagtron EB8 Foldable Fat Tire All-Terrain is fast, silent, and can ride any terrain. This one’s a mix between a folding and fat e-bike. It’s very affordable and positively reviewed by most users.

Electric cargo

Cargo e-bikes are primarily used by riders who carry things along with them when they travel. It can also be used in leisure time with kids since cargo e-bikes are capable of carrying passengers as well. To pick the best cargo e-bike, examine the brand of the parts, the weighing capacity, and the motor wattage and battery voltage.

The Blix Packa Genie is a full-featured, high-performance electric cargo bike with single and multiple battery choices for an increased range. The powerful motor offers easier rides on both flats and hills even with a heavy load. The battery gives you longer range and the hydraulic disc brakes ensure sufficient stopping power no matter the load. 

Buying advice

Here are some quick tips before you buy an e-bike

  • Review your lifestyle to know what e-bike will suit you the most
  • Identify what type of e-bike do you need
  • Make sure to conduct a bike fit so that you’ll be able to ride comfortably. A bike fit can be done with the help of a mechanic in a bike shop.
  • If you want to ride longer and maximize the electric assistance on the way, buy an e-bike with a high-voltage battery.
  • If you want to travel faster, buy an e-bike with a powerful motor.
  • The gears of the e-bike are important, the more gears you have, the more you can tweak your riding style.
  • Determine if you want a pedal-assist, a throttle mode, or an e-bike with both electric assist features.
  • Do some research before purchasing your desired e-bike. Look for reviews and comments so that you’ll know ahead of time what it feels to have that particular e-bike.

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