What is a class 2 E-bike?

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November 6, 2021

What is a class 2 Electric bike?

Christian Angelo 10-20-21

Did you know that an electric bike can be ridden like a motorcycle? This way of riding gives people who are not physically fit, of older ages, or unable to ride a normal bicycle, a chance to enjoy a new bicycling experience. Pedaling is still necessary but utilizing the electrical assist by a simple twist in the throttle greatly helps. This is the class 2 e-bike.

Class 2 e-bike definition

There are three main classes of ebikes with each class having its own general rules and regulations.

An electric bicycle is classified under the class 2 category when it features a throttle, instead of pedal assist. A throttle is a device, located on the handlebars, that is used to propel the e-bike forward without having to pedal. It can be controlled by doing a grip-twist or a flick of a button. 

This is different from the pedal assist where you need to pedal to engage the electric motor and get assistance. Some e-bikes, like the Aventon Pace 500, feature a safety approach wherein the rider must be pedaling in order to activate the throttle. E-bikes that have both throttle and pedal assist may be categorized under class 2.

A class 2 e-bike, just like a class 1, maxes out at 20 miles per hour. This is the top assisted speed which means you cannot use the throttle when you reach that certain speed. You will have to pedal on your own if you want to travel faster than 20 miles per hour.

The last characteristic of a class 2 electric bike is the maximum power output of its electric motor, which can not exceed 750W. 

Access and Use

In the US, different states implement different e-bike regulations. Depending on where you live, you must first verify where you can ride your class 2 e-bike. The general observation is that in most places, a class 2 e-bike is allowed anywhere you can ride a regular bike.

Class 2 e-bikes are considered to be the most versatile among the classes. It is one step ahead in terms of handling and difficulty compared to a class 1. Because of the throttle mode, you can ride freely as long as you have battery charge. It is also beneficial in other surface terrain types and trails, because you can go up and down without pedaling.

Benefits and comparison with other classes

The main advantage of a class 2 e-bike is the throttle itself. It becomes more convenient when you can simply move forward without pedaling. It is also easier on hilly routes. Additionally, it is very helpful for a wide variety of people who are not regular cyclists. Class 2 e-bikes tend to have powerful motors so it is sure worth the money.

Class 2 vs Class 1 Ebikes

The main difference between the first two classes is the mode of activating the electrical assist. While the class 2 utilizes the throttle, the class 1 features a pedal assist mode. If you prefer to cycle without having to pedal from time to time, then choose a class 2 e-bike. Other than this, both are pretty much the same. 

Class 2 vs Class 3 Ebikes

Just like the prior comparison, a class 2 has the throttle mode, while the class 3 uses the pedal assist. The other difference is that the top assisted speed. It is 20 mph for the class 2, while it is 28 mph for the class 3. If you need to reach your destinations faster, then you may want to choose a class 3 e-bike.

Awesome class 2 electric bikes

Now that you know what a class 1 e-bike is, it’s time to look at some models and check their specifications and prices. Here’s a list of great class 2 e-bikes that may just be the perfect match for you:

Decision-making process

The very first thing that you should consider in buying a class 2 e-bike is the throttle. Before purchasing, ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Does the throttle mode fit my biking style?
  • Is it more helpful than pedal-assist?
  • Would I be able to completely utilize my e-bike if it is a class 2?
  • Is it more valuable if I have a throttle, rather than a pedal assist?

Here are additional helpful tips on the benefits of class 2 e-bikes:

  • Can be ridden by wide range of people, including beginners
  • Less effort in riding
  • Freedom to choose between pedaling and using throttle
  • Offers versatility and more controlled riding options
  • Great for commuting


The main purpose of choosing a class 2 e-bike is to have the throttle mode that has numerous benefits. The class 2 e-bike is the same with class 1 in terms of speed, power output, and in most cases, road access. A class 2 e-bike is different from a class 3 by speed limit, and mode of assistance. 

There are factors to consider before buying a class 2 e-bike. Class 2 e-bikes have many advantages so make sure to put them in mind as well. Whatever e-bike class you’re planning to buy, or have already acquired, make sure to stay safe and always have fun!

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