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April 30, 2022
RadMini 4 Review
RadMini 4 Review Model

RadMini 4 is a compact electric bike that integrates comfort with versatility and performance into a rugged travel package for every adventure not to mention it gives you also some health benefits other than an excellent riding experience.

RadMini was specially engineered to accommodate commuters and urban users while also offering everything needed to go off-road in comfort and style.

The company's mission is designed to produce motorcycles that can do just about any job and are sold at prices everyone can afford.

This article is a review of the RadMini 4 in comprehensive detail both the ins and outs of the e-bike. The RadMini 4 review is based on careful analysis and from my initial tests of riding.

About RadMini 4

The RadMini is a folding bike that is able to easily be stored in a fully folded unit. This is actually my personal favorite among the e-bikes of Rad Power Bikes.

It's cheap, portable, functional, and powerful enough to support the majority of e-bikes no matter how experienced. Full fenders keep you dry from puddled or wet roads.

It also features helpful LED front and rear lights which can be controlled through the bike's digital dashboard.

The Premium 750W motor and 14Ah battery make the RadMini versatile to be used in nearly any landscape or weather condition.

You can't look for another folding electric bike that beats Radmini 4. You can fold your bike down and place it in your car's compartment and it's an ideal use especially if you take the train and bus rides regularly.

What's more interesting is that RadMini 4 has promising features and new and improved performance for longer rides, especially for daily commute.

Power Bikes RadMini 4 Review: Specs and Components

The RadMini 4 uses a 750W brushless geared hub motor with 80Nm torque. The motor starts displaying its true power around pedal assist level 3 where it's easy to cruise beyond 20mph without using it too hard.

The bike uses a twelve magnet cadence sensor which feels smooth and consistent relative to other bicycles using the same configuration.

RadMini uses full-threshold throttle on the back wheel. The display comes with a display backlit with a charging indicator, speedometer, odometer trip timer, and trip speedometer.

The wattmeter tells you how hard the motorcycle will work and how to maximize your life in the battery.

It packs a large list of useful features and materials accompanied by a powerful motor and batteries combo onto a mini folding frame. This bike is available in black color and RadMini steps-through is available in white.

RadMini 4's Powerful 750W Hub Performance

The Rad Mini is a hub drive motor instead of a typical mid-drive. The motor has a strong driving force that can get you through bustling city streets and even on bike paths added with enough pedal assist level and half twist throttle.

It may not be the most impressive motor that has existed but at the price of this electric bike, you'll get the best deal. With less than 45 miles on a charge, you can go on super epic rides with the RadMini.

You'll get around anywhere with the 750W e-bikes it takes to get to the top of the main road or start on a less-than-ideal spot.

Most folding e-bikes don't have strong motor power like Rad Mini 4 which makes this superior among folding electric bikes in terms of price point and performance.

RadMini 4 Review: Performance

The Rad Mini 4 has proved to be very versatile when it comes to fast acceleration and from our experience, it is pretty agile for its size.

The fact that this motor can generate 80 Nm of torque which combined with a 20-inch wheel creates fast accelerations.

Because the wheels are smaller these can have less impact on speed than larger wheel sizes can. The battery lasts a long time, which is very ideal for commuters.

When it comes to handling (for turning, speed protection on bicycle, speed, and nimble handling), The CST Big Boat 203 tires can certainly improve the ride experience. Not only that, the front suspension fork stabilizes the electric bicycle whenever it hits potholes, cracks, or any uneven surfaces.

Battery life and power

48V 14 Ah lithium-ion battery has the capacity to travel 25 miles or up to 40 miles on a single charge with a maximum speed of 25mph depending on the use of throttle or pedal assist.

The battery weighs just 6.7 pounds so it is also one of the lightest and best-energy-dense packages for a bike. It requires 5-6 hours to properly recharge its power and holds its charge longer when you don't use the bike.

The battery packs are sold separately on the Rad Power Bikes website, which enables you to purchase a spare whenever you need a battery replacement or you want to extend the range of the electric bike's maximum range.

Ride it anywhere

Rad Mini is a foldable fat-tire E-bike that does anything. It includes a kickstand which is a must for suburban hikes. CST boats 4.3′′ tires with a puncture for extra protection against sharp objects. I also like the front and rear fenders which are very effective in keeping me dry.

The 60mm suspension fork provides stability and comfort. The motor gives enough power for any steep hills encountered on an adventure. Then I tested Kenda tires to see if they were similar or very good quality. I think it has the same quality and it works perfectly well in the RadMini 4's wheel.

What is it like to ride a RadMini 4 electric bike?

I personally prefer using electronic bikes as they thrill me and have the reliability that matches everything I have done. I needed to assist the shafting hub 750W engine by pedaling down slopes.

The wheels on the RadMini e-bike are good and broad, and offer excellent stability and grip. Even when running on roads the bike is stable when going for turns.

The CST Big Boat fat tires are 20′′ x 3′′ brought a big improvement. In fact, I can feel the improvement especially when I'm riding on uneven terrain such as potholes.

The tires also have puncture tolerant treads which can protect your tires from sharp objects.

If you like the Rad Power Bikes, check our detailed review about the electric bike manufacturer:

Carrying capacity

The RadMini does not come with racks but Rad has front and rear fenders available separately. It's very stable and matches well the finish of the chassis nicely. The maximum weight capacity of RadMini is 225 lbs.

For heavier loads, you'll probably be better off with an electric bike. If you want extra cargo equipment with the bike, you'll likely be better off investing in a cargo bike with an e-bike that has more racks in them.

Quick specifications

The RadMini step-through 750 Watt direct driven hub is powered by an 80 Nm Torque 672Wh Lithium-ion battery.

Max capacity 250 lb 80 mm distance.

Max velocity: 20.25mph. A minimum displacement in order to operate 180 mm rotors.

Maximum travel: 275 kg 80 mm.

Maximum speed up to 20 mph. Maximum wattage is about 750W; maximum wattage is about 750W.

RadMini Accessories

Rad power bikes have a great choice of accessories via their online shop. That allows drivers to personalize their e-bike for use like commuted for cargo or for bike travel. There will be 35 compatible accessories available in nine different categories within the store.

Where can I buy the RadMini 4 electric bike?

The price for the RadMini is $1,499 which is a very good value for money for all those features you have with this folding scooter. You can purchase the RadMini 4 and all extra accessories in the Rad Power Bikes online store.

They are incredibly cheap and provide next-day shipping so you can get the electric bike quickly depending on the region.

RadMini 4 Review Conclusion

The RadMini 4 matched our expectations and was perfect for any other test except the brake test. The components appear to work cohesively given that it's a small electric bicycle.

However, I wouldn't recommend taking this on mountain bike trails. Although it has fat tires, you'll just drain the battery power, especially when climbing steep hills and it's not built for those types of extreme adventures.

The strong point of this is the less storage space required. Because it's a folding electric fat bike with a robust hinge mechanism allowing you to store and carry this almost anywhere.

The battery position is placed on the backside of the bike rather than in the center which even out the balance. There are also numerous additional accessories on the Rad Power bike websites which you can design on your very own according to your lifestyle and preferences.

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