RadCity 4 Review: Is Good It For A Commuter Electric Bike?

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March 30, 2022

RadCity 4 is a powerful urban commuter with a comfortable upright sitting position. The 750W pedal-aided motor moves your bike at a decent 20mph (20km/7 hours) The long-lasting battery is capable of charging you for upwards of 45 miles with easy removal.

However, with those specifications, is this really worth considering? To tell if this is worth it, this article is about RadCity 4 review and I'll be as in-depth as possible with specifications run down as well as my riding experience during my test ride.

Rad Power Bikes RadCity 4 Overview

Rad Power Bikes designed its design to be a comfortable cruiser thanks to its low profile and upright frame. Combining its 1, 7, 6, and 10-speed engines, the half-twirl throttle, and forged rubber feet provides an impressive riding ride even after climbing the foothills.

The RadCity 4 Top Speed of 20 mph does not exactly classify it as being the fastest electric bike at all but that is more than enough speed for your daily commute across town. The e-bike is also perfect for neighborhood and urban commuting.

What I like about this electric bike is the smooth-riding experience, features, and upgraded bike components which made some impressive improvements compared to previous versions.

Frame Design and Features

The frame geometry keeps us in a balanced upright riding position that many people will keep for hours.

The Adjustable Bar makes the bike more comfortable because it ensures that you're getting into the correct position without any pain whatsoever. The feature which enables both styles in the body is the rear-mounted rear rack.

It allows you to mount baskets or shelves or mount a child's bed and take your children around for adventures. Not only that, but this model is great for other functionalities such as cargo and for daily commute in the urban streets due to the integrated rear rack.

The RadCity 4 e-bike is lightweight 6061 aluminum with robust straight tubing. Learn more about Radpower Bikes.com for more information about their bike.

Mechanical brakes & Shimano drivetrain

Tektro Aries brakes in combination with 180 mm rotors offer all the stop power you need. RadCity 4 uses a Shimano Altus 7 speed rear derailleur with a range of 11-340T freewheel. This is an entry-level groupset but it moves smoothly and precisely with no noticeable hiccups.

Tektro brakes aren't quite as complex as hydraulic disc brakes and a bit of hand power stops the bike as easily.

The drivetrain consists of a 6.5-voice 10-wheel 11-speed 110-133T on the rear and a 42-series crankset. The bicycle has a quite good ratio of gears on flat terrain and moderate hills.

Packed with accessories and ready for more

RadCity 4 comes with an integrated rear rack capacity with up to 60 lbs of weighing capacity. Front and rear LEDs are battery controlled so they can operate automatically so the battery is charged.

Likewise, the rear light also acts as the brake light so that the light goes on more bright when you press the pedal.

The e-bike is fitted with front and rear fenders with an adjustable kickstand double suspension saddles and a rear rack.

You can equip a container, a wheel lock or panniers, and a bag to carry grocery items. Rad Power is well known for having very minimal and functional bikes.

Display and Assist modes

RadCity 4 features a 2.75” backlight LCD screen with bold displays. The screen's fixed so there's no need to get it off with the occasional cleaning - but the angle of the display can be adjusted effortlessly. The semi-twist throttle and pedal-assist system provide notable features.

The USB port at the bottom lets one charge a phone or other devices when traveling. This twist motor minimizes pedaling as well. A new Radcity 4 has a max speed of 20mph. A 12-magnet camera provides you with 5 pedal assist levels. Radcity 4.

Battery Overview

Rad Power Bikes Radwagon 4 features a rechargeable 672-Wh lithium-cell battery. The optional battery pack will last long and supplies electricity to a reasonable range.

A 2-amp charger however is somewhat basic. Consider upgrading to a 2- to a 2-amp charger for faster charging.

The battery is removed for easy dismantling during cleaning. Overall, it's another impressive upgrade for the RadCity model and I can use this for an extended max range.


The Spring Fork adds weight to the bike but the low profile and wheels are smaller to ensure more comfortable riding.

The bike has a length of 100mm, lockout, and preload adjustment. It's enough for daily city commuters even on rough urban roads. RadCity 4 was designed for urban biking with a low-profile frame and wheels.

As a result, this may not be a good option if you want to ride this on off-road terrain. But when it comes to urban rides, this is a killer commuting electric bike that can overcome potholes, cracks, and uneven terrain while riding.

Comfortable wide tires and front suspension

RadCity’s Kenda K-Rad 262.3′′ wide wheels offer puncture protection for the driver and feature reflective sidewalls for better visibility.

SR Suntour Front suspension with 100mm travel eliminates vibrations from curbs, potholes, and uneven terrain.

Kenda's K-Shield puncture-resistant cover offers protection against punctures from glass, thorns and smaller objects. It adds some weight and makes you lose momentum if pedaling hard but it also adds weight. RadCity is an e-bike with the lowest-profile tread ideal for slick city streets and gravel roads.

Handling and Ride Feel

Radcity 4 is extremely comfortable to ride. The bike is relatively predictable to cycle and not at all slow despite weighing in at just over 65 pounds.

A combination of step-over and step-thru bikes allows you to have an enjoyable and stable ride on either mild dirt road.

Although due to the weight of the bike it is not easy to pedal the bike manually without pedal assistance.

You can easily do it up to the flat road but you will struggle up hills if you use the bike's electrical motor. It was made for comfort at both very low and high speeds and that is the way it is.

RadCity 4 User Reviews: Hot or Not?

This is an e-bike at an attractive price. Most people leave ratings 5 stars with most of them leaving ratings below 1-star or 2-star.

Other happy riders say that they are very satisfied with the ride of the new bike, love the power of the motor and the long range offered by the batteries.

Others could add more than 7-speed motors and a bottle cage which is easier to access than the current one. Despite being imperfect, the RadCity 4 feels incredibly affordable considering the starting price.

RadCity 4 Quick specifications

Motor: 750W Geared Hub Motor

Battery: 48V, 14 Ah Lithium Samsung 35E cells

Maximum Speed: 20 miles per hour

Maximum Distance: 25 miles but can reach up to 45 miles with pedal assist

Weight: 63.6 lbs

Price: $ 1,499.00


Rad Power Bikes have a wide selection of accessories for every electric bike they have. RadCity 4 makes no exceptions. when it comes to a wide selection of accessories.

There's an enhanced comfort saddle that features waterproof plastic reinforcement nylon and springs that absorb shock.

Hyban helmet 2.0 features heavy plastic ABS outer foam inner plus further ‘bug meshes. Pet Basket Carrier is a well-protected, enclosed pet basket manufactured from soft washable polyester. These are among the best accessories I can recommend and they can be found on Rad Power Bikes website.

Rad City 4 vs RadRunner Plus: Which Is The Best Electric Bike?

While these e-bikes have their own specializations, it's inevitable that you'll end up comparing these electric bike models especially if you're going to use them as commuter bikes.

When it comes to the overall design, the RadRunner Plus has an advantage because of the moped-style design, average speed, frame size, and great use for passenger and delivery purposes.

However, the RadCity 4 has an edge performance-wise. I think it's the ultimate and best commuting electric bike because of the speed and can go faster than RadRunner Plus up to 25 miles per hour with pedal assistance.

This is the kind of electric bike I would root for when I'm investing in the best commuting electric bike, especially for urban streets and straightway roads.

Despite being extremely fast at a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour or 25 mph with an adequate pedal assist level, it provides incredible stability and a smoother ride to its riders.

Final Thoughts About RadCity 4

With that said, the RadCity 4 is a very reliable and thoughtfully selected e-bike with amazing components, performance, and even improved electronic parts.

In addition, it's an affordable electric bike that has equipped with good quality bike components, a motor, and a battery to achieve the ideal riding experience. However, the only problem though is that it's a bit heavy which can be a struggle to carry in apartments, elevators, stairs, and buildings.

This is an ideal e-bike for people who like to commute regularly, especially when riding through the city streets and straightway roads.

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