Nevada E-bike Laws

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November 8, 2021

Nevada E-bike Laws

Christian Angelo 10-13-21


The state of Nevada is an amazing place to be, even better with the company of your bicycle. Nevada’s got your preferences covered - from roadways to dirt trails. It is full of scenic views that are perfect for cycling. You can even join wonderful and historic bicycling clubs and organizations that offer camaraderie, socialization, and safety. Many of them can be dated back to the founding days of Nevada itself. 

If you like to participate in organized group activities, you can join in one of the many bicycling events for all types of riders in all types of terrain. Local bike shops are always welcoming, retailers offer great prices, and clubs organize fun rides throughout the state. E-bikes are not excluded from all the fun. In fact, e-bikes are always welcome!

A fun ride is a responsible ride. You can’t just go all out with your bicycle and not follow the law. That’s why in this article, you will learn e-bike specific laws, and additional bicycling guidelines in the state of Nevada.

E-bike definition and law

An e-bike is defined as a device that a person may ride, having two or three wheels, equipped with fully operable pedals, a small battery, an electric motor that does not produce more than 1 gross brake horsepower and not more than 750 watts. It should not travel on more than three wheels in contact with the ground and not exceed 20 mph with electric assist on a flat surface. E-bikes are distinct from the definition of mopeds.

E-bike riders rights and responsibilities

  • You don’t have to carry a license when driving an e-bike.
  • You don’t need to register your e-bike.
  • You must wear a helmet whenever you’re riding your bike.
  • Hand signals are necessary when making a turn, reducing speed, or stopping.
  • As an e-bike operator, you have the rights and privileges upon a roadway. You are also subject to all of the duties on the road.
  • If you are a peace officer, a firefighter, a certified emergency medical technician or an employee of a pedestrian mall, who operates an electric bicycle while on duty, you are exempted from the provisions regarding the operation of e-bikes while on duty if:
    • You are responding to an emergency call or the peace officer is in pursuit of a suspected violator of the law
    • Noncompliance with any such provision is necessary to carry out your duties. 
  • However, you are not relieved from operating an e-bike without due regard for the safety of others,  and you are not protected from the consequences of disregarding the safety of others.
  • You are only allowed to ride the e-bike upon or astride a permanent and regular seat.
  • Any e-bike must not exceed the amount of persons it is designed to carry.
  • You are prohibited from riding and attaching your e-bike to another e-bike or to any other vehicle upon a roadway.
  • You should ride on the most practical right side of the road unless you are making a turn, riding at the same speed with the nearby traffic, avoiding obstacles, and exercising caution to passing pedestrians.
  • No two or more persons shall ride their e-bikes or bikes more than two abreast, except for paths that are exclusive for e-bikes or bikes.
  • You cannot ride your e-bike while carrying anything that prevents you from keeping at least one hand on the handlebars.
  • A fully approved, visible front light must be equipped when the e-bike is being used at night time.
  • A red rear reflector must be present at night.
  • The brakes of an e-bike must be fully functional in a way that the rider is able to make the wheels skid on dry, level, and clean pavement.
  • The local authority has the power to adopt, by ordinance, regulations regarding e-bike operations on roads under its own jurisdiction.

Consequences in violating the rules

There are some motorists who turn aggressive on bicyclists for whatever reasons they have. Fortunately, you are protected by the law. Here are situations that would result to a misdemeanor for any violating person:

  • Endangering a bicyclist when overtaking and passing.
  • Intentionally interfering with the movement of a person lawfully riding an e-bike or a bike
  • If the driver of a motor vehicle does not yield the right-of-way to any bicyclist on the pathway or a lane.
  • The driver of a motor vehicle can only enter, stop, stand, park or drive within an exclusive bicycle lane if the driver is entering or exiting an alley or driveway, avoiding conflict with opposing traffic, performing official duties, complying with directions given by a police officer; there is an emergency, or the vehicle is disabled.
  • The driver of a motor vehicle fails to exercise due care to avoid a collision with a cyclist.
  • The driver fails to give an audible warning to avoid a collision.

On the other hand, if you are a cyclist, you should not do the following:

  • Intentionally interfere with the movement of a motor vehicle
  • Overtake and pass a motor vehicle in an unsafe manner that endangers both riders.

To reiterate, a person who violates such prohibitions or fails to perform any of the acts required is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Comparison with other states

Since Nevada has a clear definition for electric bicycles, it belongs to the group of states that defines e-bike in some manner. There are currently 44 states, and the District of Columbia, who have set specific definitions for e-bikes. The remaining states usually incorporate e-bikes along with mopeds, or motorized vehicles.


Nevada is a wonderful place for bicycle enthusiasts out there. The state covers all types of pathways - from straight roads to challenging trails. It is also full of bicycle clubs and organizations with deep historic ties to the founding of Nevada itself. Annual group activities are being held for everyone to participate in. Electric bicycles are also welcome!

E-bike laws are implemented in Nevada. It has a clear set of definitions for an electric bicycle, different from mopeds or motorized vehicles. You don’t need to have a license when operating an e-bike. You must wear a safety helmet every time you ride. At night, visible lights must be attached to the bike. 

If you feel violated on the road, there are certain acts that can be subject to a misdemeanor. This also goes for e-bike riders, so you have to be responsible. As always, have fun and enjoy your ride!

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