Idaho Ebike Laws — Restrictions You Need To Know When Riding An E-bike

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May 5, 2022

Idaho has many bike trails has plenty to offer. They got the best mountain bike experience due to its scenery and wide-ranging terrain, bike paths, and countryside roads to choose from. However, most of the bike trails are only intended for regular bicycles.

What about bike trails for an electric-assisted bicycle or an electric bike? This article will give you some details about the state of Idaho's restriction on electric bicycles. We also provided an infographic sheet to easily understand the Idaho ebike laws.

Is it legal to ride an E-bike on a trail in Idaho?

Idaho defines an electric-based vehicle and its pedals as electric motor-controlled cars that offer pedal traction for driving and are incorporated.

The U.S. Forest Service carries out a similar process which is not considered by most agencies. The new legislation permits e-MTBs to cross the borders on all federal land at all points on which bikes are legal.

A local government in Idaho does not enforce official policies governing riding, and the use of bicycles is inconsistent. E-bikes usually allow reusing in similar conditions.

Can you ride an E-bike in Idaho National Parks?

Changes made by Congress in August 2018 open up many national parks for bike use allowing for an identical experience.

The riders may still use these motors to pedal but should instead only pedal in the mountains. Although the national forests still prohibit electric bike travel by foot or car on private trails in areas without motoring, they may also adopt similar policies for their own.

There will be a multitude of fun singletrack rides in Idaho forests where electronic vehicles are allowed.

Are there any age restrictions for riding an electric bike in Idaho?

No individual younger than 14 years old can use class-3 power bikes without being a passenger.

A new e-bike law is headed to the governor's desk. Here's what it means for Idahoans

The Senate reaffirmed its support in approving an Idaho bill affecting electric bicycles as part of the bill. Senate Bill 76 replaces current definitions for electric bikes with industry specifications.

Since December 17, 2017, electronic bicycles are enabling riders to enter populated sidewalks and walk trails at speeds ranging between 20 / 100 mph across and the.

State Senator Mike Journee has denied he had thought there would be major changes to town regulations under this new law. His comments are about how technology has changed the law.

Additional Laws For Motorized Vehicles


If our motorcycling meets any of the above criteria and exceeds its requirements, we may require you to use an authorized manufacturer. You will have to register your scooter at an assessor’s station in our area and get the “off-the-street sticker” for the bike to have a parking restriction but not for any other road users. (Normally, this only works with the aforementioned dirt bikes.)


In Idaho, all motorized bikes do not require a motorcycle license unless you have a motorcycle license or motor vehicle license. The ITD has an intuitive flowchart that also helps determine the classification of motorbikes based on their category.


A moped needs registration to be registered. Register and label your bike exactly like motorcycle registration is done in Idaho. The county assessor agency is able to take care of this for the county. So, if your OEM will never leave your road, it's possible to obtain a sticker.

Idaho Ebike Laws Infographic
Idaho Ebike Laws Infographic

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ebikes legal in Idaho?

Electrical bikes are generally legal to use in Idaho. Although there are certain restrictions and regulations when using the electric bicycle, especially the traffic and road laws. We have provided an infographic guide so you won't have a hard time knowing the e bike laws of Idaho.

Are Ebikes allowed on Boise trails?

Contact Boise's Park and Recreation. Ride on Ridge to river trails by e-bike is limited to trails that can currently be used by motor power bikes only. Federally authorized partners have banned the use of motor vehicles as far from BLM trails as possible.

Is it illegal to ride a bike on the sidewalk in Idaho?

Bicycles are permitted on streets, but pedestrians should obey pedestrians' right of way and display a visible indication when descending pedestrians. However, some places are restricted to electric bicycles, and it's better to read the signs to avoid any violations.

What laws in Idaho are unique to bike riders?

Every state has its unique laws that might seem odd to foreigners, and the state of Idaho has unique laws, particularly for bike riders. Here are some of them:

  • A bicycle should be ridden with two hands when riding, except for when you're using directional hands on it.
  • You can't ride a bike if you consume alcohol or drugs.
  • It's not only legal but incredibly dangerous to hitchhike on a car or a truck

Final Thoughts

Remember always to follow the law in your area. E-bike riding can be fun and healthy in some ways but in order to maximize them, it's important to know what are the e-bike rules and regulations. Make sure you know the access roads or bike paths for your e-bike so you won't have a hard time dealing with violations.

Important Note:

All of our e-bike rules and regulations are based on each local state's e-bike laws. In addition, our information and details regarding these ebike laws are not permanent and are subject to change, especially when there are updates and missed out details.

We highly encourage that you check with local authorities or check the website of your State, County, City, and other agencies.

See more information about bike laws in every state with our article: Ebike Regulations State Specific

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