How To Make Your Ebike Go Faster?

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October 28, 2021

How To Make Your Ebike Go Faster?

Christian Angelo

Truthfully, there are e-bike riders who want to go beyond the speed limit to have a much better experience. While going beyond the speed limit is illegal, it is not impossible to go faster. In this article, you are going to learn simple yet effective tips and tricks to reach new speeds in your next ride.

Why is there a speed limit on my e-bike?

E-bike manufacturers adhere to federal rules and traffic regulations since electric bicycles are treated the same as vehicles and are subject to the very same rules regular bikes comply to. Regulations on electric bikes vary from country to country.  This 3-minute video explains why there is a 20MPH speed limit on electric bikes.

What happens when I go faster?

The act of removing the bike’s pedaling limit is called derestricting. The limit prevents the motor from releasing all its energy. When the speed limit is reached, the motor stops, and the pedal assist is deactivated. Derestricting does not make your motor more powerful, it only removes the speed limit so you can go faster when pedaling on your own. 

Tips and Tricks to go FASTER

Tip # 1. Tricking the system into reading falsified signals to miscalculate your speed

A sensor is attached to the interior side of the base frame of your ebike. Its sensor magnet can be found in the rear wheel. By displacing the sensor and attaching a nearer magnet, the system will detect less revolutions and calculate less speed. With this, the speed limit will be bypassed and you can go faster.

For this trick, you will need a magnet, duct tape, or a screw and a tiny driller.  First, detach the sensor and transfer it to the outer side, parallel to the back of the pedal. You can use duct tape, or a screw to attach the sensor. To tape it, simply tape the sensor in a secure manner. To screw it, use a tiny driller to create a tiny hole and screw the sensor.

The next step is to attach the magnet in the left crank, specifically at the back of the pedal. After that, test if the sensor is working. If everything’s good, try a ride outside and you will see that the speed limit is removed. A step-by-step video tutorial may help you.

Tip # 2 Removing the speed limiter on a Chinese ebike

Most Chinese electric bikes can be derestricted by simply disconnecting a certain wire. To do this, open the controller by unlocking the screws. The next step is to find the white wire and disconnect it. Have a test ride outdoors and see if it works. A video tutorial may help you.

Tip # 3 Using Speedbox to suppress the speed limit

Speedbox is a tuning chip that removes the speed limit and allows pedal assist to work even after the limit. The latest version, Speedbox 3.0, enables riders to personally set the speed limit. There are three versions of the Speedbox. Speedbox is fully compatible with mainstream motors like Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano, Brose, Panasonic, Impulse, Bafang, and older versions of Giant motors.

Installation instructions for the Speedbox are fairly easy, and the process will only take a few minutes. A tuning demonstration video will surely help you in understanding more about the Speedbox.

Tip # 4 Keep the bike at a higher charge level

A higher voltage means a higher speed. By charging the battery to a higher level, you can achieve faster speeds when riding. You can do this by charging after every trip instead of using a single charge on multiple rides. The tradeoff for this trick is that storing a battery at higher charge levels could be bad for its health in the long run.

Tip # 5 Use a battery that has a higher voltage

Before attempting to swap your battery, make sure to check the voltage capacity of your controller which is usually found in the capacitors. The controller must be able to handle a voltage increase for this trick to work. Do not risk frying your controller by not reading the specifications of your bike.

A switch from 24V to 36V could result in about 50% speed increase. A 30% speed increase is expected when you switch from 36V to 48V. You can also upgrade a 48V battery to 52V or even 60V.

Tip # 6 Switch to smoother tires and keep them on higher pressure

Hybrid tires are smoother and thinner than mountain bike tires. They have less rolling resistance which helps you achieve faster speeds. Tires with higher pressure also produce less rolling resistance. The downside of applying high pressure is that your ride could get a little rougher since the tires won’t be able to absorb road bumps.

Tip # 7 Ensure that the brakes are well-tuned

Be sure to always tune your brakes well because you might be suffering from brake rub. A brake rub not only slows you down, but it also makes screeching, irritating noises, and causes premature wear to both brake pads and rotor. Well-maintained brakes are beneficial to your ebike and your safety as well.

Tip # 8 Buy a windshield

Yes, windshields are effective for reducing wind resistance, increasing your speed. You can buy a windshield and attach it to your handlebars. Be careful with choosing the size, you don’t want to buy a windshield that is too big and wide because it will reduce speed instead. You can enjoy a 2-3 miles top speed increase with a windshield. 

Tip # 9 Keep the battery cool

Keeping the battery cool is good for its overall health. A healthy battery has less voltage sag. Voltage sag happens when the voltage drops low. A battery that lacks airflow will become warm and suffer more voltage sag, reducing voltage and speed. To prevent this, keep the battery exposed and protected at the same time.

Tip # 10 Last Resort: Swap out your motor

This is your last resort if you really want to go faster. The motor of your bike determines its speed. A motor that has a higher kv or kilovolt produces more revolutions per minute, which means faster speeds. Upgrading the motor could be expensive, so if you are really dedicated to making your bike go faster, then go for it.

What to expect now that you have a faster ebike

First, you are breaking the law when you overspeed on regulated roads and pathways. Second, the battery gets depleted faster since you demand more power by going faster. Third, the warranty is void, leaving you with hefty repair bills when you need to get your ebike running again. Fourth, there is always increased risk when going fast, especially if you are a beginner.

If you are having doubts about derestricting, you might want to watch a discussion video regarding this topic. As always, keep safe when riding and have fun! Drop a comment down below and let us know what tips you will follow to go faster.

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