Health Benefits Of Electric Bikes

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January 8, 2022

10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Electric Bikes

Woman and man cycling on electric mountainbikes on gravel forest road

There are some misconceptions about electric bikes which makes people think you will cheat and become lazy. On the contrary, riding on an electric bike can be a great workout. Interestingly enough, aside from convenience, getting an electric bike can help you get out more often that riding a regular pedal bike.

In fact, there’s a published study that discovered that there’s an increase in heart rate while riding a pedal-assist electric mountain bike (eMTB) which is very much similar to riding a conventional bike. It’s evident that among the health benefits you can get is to pump your cardio. But, what are the other health benefits of riding an electric bike? Lets find out!

The Emergence Of Electric Bikes As A Health Benefit

With the constant rise of electric bikes, it’s no doubt that it’s gaining more attraction to people due to a number of reasons. Among them is because of the lightweight design and considering the relatively low-price ranges compared to a motorcycle or a car which is why some traditional bike riders are shifting to e bikes.

However, it’s not just those factors why electric bikes are an excellent choice for people, but also because you can gain some health benefits while riding an e bike. In addition, business is also investing in electric bikes because it’s much cost-effective and efficient compared to ordinary bike, motorcycle, even a car.

Riding An Electric Bike Regularly Counts As A Workout

Electric bikes are pretty much derived from manual bikes but they are battery-powered. That said, they aren’t very different from normal bicycles which have the same mechanisms and health benefits.

If you go on e bike trails on a regular basis, not only it will strengthen your leg muscles but also, it’s a good cardiovascular workout. Even a 20-minute e bike riding is sufficient enough to work out your muscles.

Keep in mind, to make sure you maximize the physical health benefits of using an e bike, it’s preferable that you go on pedal-assist at your preferred pace so your leg strength and improve cardiorespiratory fitness.

So, investing in a suitable electric bike will give you moderate exercise, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, as well being convenient when traveling.

An Effective Activity To Lose Weight

In relation to riding an electric bike as a form of workout, the regular e bike riding activity along with proper diet and correct lifestyle can also help you lose weight.

But be sure that you enable the pedal-assist feature so your lower body can work out and helps burn calories along the way.

Ideally, a good 45-minute e bike ride is a better workout at least two to three times per week can result in weight loss by a pound every two weeks that is, if done with a balanced diet and maintained a healthy lifestyle.

It’s The Best Alternative To Cars

With the alarming increase of global warming due to continual consumption of carbon emissions from cars, it’s best to consider investing in low or no carbon emission vehicles.

This is where the e bikes come to play. Due to their portability and ease of use, e bikes can be a great alternative to cars. However, similar to car, bike, or motorcycle regulations, you need to know your e bike regulations first.

Electric bikes are eco-friendly because they don’t emit carbon emissions because they are powered by battery and come with a pedal-assist feature.

Also, an electric bike is the future of transportation. Because of its constant innovations and gaining popularity, in the distant future, e bikes will dominate the market outweighing the cars.

They Are Safer And Efficient

Because electric bikes have relatively low carbon emissions, they are the ideal mode of transportation. Also, they don’t contribute to the pollution using only 100 to 150 watts than for cars that consume up to 15,000 watts, making the electric bike safer for the environment and also for improving air quality.

In addition, because of their low consumption of energy yet high performing capacity especially the high-quality electric bikes, they are efficient enough to reach even remote places. Not only e bikes are convenient but also because they are safer and efficient to use.

Electric Bikes Can Be A Mental Health Booster

If you’re having a bad day and just can’t get enough of the stress, anxiety, and pressures in life, one of the best ways to alleviate those mental problems is to ride an e bike. The reason behind this is that riding an electric bike can provide a healthy outlet for distraction.

Because you’re paying attention to the road, being alert to the surroundings, fresh air, and seeing the different landscapes, your mind is paying little attention to any negative thoughts like depression. In a sense, riding an e bike is therapeutic and a mental health booster itself.

Additionally, riding an e bike regularly will also improve your cognitive health and processes such as processing, receiving, choosing, and storing information.

It Will Save You More Money

Electric bikes are simple but extremely useful. You don't need to change oil, tune-up, fill some gas, or have some costly repair compared to cars and motorcycles. This is because e bikes are built with simple features which basically is a bike powered by a battery.

As a result, electric bikes are low maintenance vehicles and they can save you more money because you don’t have to allot a large budget to the e bike which can be put to other more important things such as savings.

Makes You Sleep Better

Another great health benefit of riding an electric bike is it makes you sleep better and also improves your circadian rhythm. Conventional bikes and electric bikes are considered moderate exercise especially when you’re doing it every day.

Also, riding an e bike will make you feel tired after several minutes which is a good thing considering that your muscles are all pumped out, and even increase your heart rate.

It will even reduce the stress hormone levels allowing you to have a good quality of sleep after a great e bike ride.

Immune System Booster

Because e bike riding is considered at least moderate-intensity exercise and it can be done outdoor, there’s a high chance that you will be exposed to the sun which is a great source of vitamin D while also exercising most parts of your body.

In return, your immune system will improve more which helps reduce the possibility of having an upper respiratory tract infection.

It's good for your joints

Active senior woman. Senior enjoying the great outdoors. Woman riding an e-bike

E bikes are low-impact activity and are widely recommended for anyone and there's no physical barrier regardless of age. Among the benefit of using an e-bike is that you can go everywhere without compromising your joints.

In addition, e bikes feature electrically-assisted cycling or pedal assist which is extremely useful for riding over hills and uneven terrain. And because these areas are susceptible to higher resistance, therefore are hard on the joints when you're riding a traditional bicycle.

However, pedal-assist provides e bike riders with the increased force they need to approach barriers without high impact stress, and overall allows a smoother ride.

For e bike riders who feel it's difficult to take rough and complex terrain, then investing in a good electric mountain will ensure that your joints are protected especially for people who have arthritis or those who don't have much pedal power.

Riding An E bike Can Improve The Overall Quality Of Life

There are so many advantages and health benefits while riding an e bike that can greatly improve your overall quality of life both physical and mental health aspects.

Thanks to the innovations and various designs which can cater to almost all types of people according to their personal preferences.

Meaning, with the right electric bike that will suit your needs, it will be a great relief in most types of situations such as for exercise, mode of transport, and when you're in a hurry for an important errand, making this your ultimate tool of choice.

Investing in an e bike can make a difference as well as can improve the person's overall quality of life.


It’s no doubt that an electric bike has health benefits contrary to popular belief that it’s a boon to a healthy lifestyle. While in fact, you can gain tons of benefits including convenience, ease of use, health, and many others. It can also be a great activity for cardiorespiratory fitness.

However, there’s a caveat in using an electric bike. Because it doesn’t mean that riding your e bike on a regular basis can immediately result in sudden improvement in your overall health.

Keep in mind that electric bikes are only among the many tools you can use in staying healthy and fit. It’s still useless if you don’t follow a healthy lifestyle.

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