Can You Ride Electric Bikes In The Rain?

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October 28, 2021

Can You Ride Electric Bikes in the Rain?

Christian Angelo

So you have an ebike and now you’re asking yourself: Can I ride my e-bike in the rain? The simplest answer --- YES. But first, there are different things that you have to consider for a safer and more enjoyable rainy weather ride.

Ebikes are well-built to be water-resistant, but that doesn’t mean that all ebikes are fully capable of withstanding heavy water pressure. After all, electrical parts and water do not sound well together. In this article, you’re going to learn about the levels of water resistance, do’s and don’ts, important protective tips, and post-ride maintenance. 

How do I know if my bike is waterproof?

The ingress protection (IP) ratings measure the level of protection an electrical enclosure has against foreign objects like dust or liquids. The code rating format is IP##, where the first digit (0 to 6) tells the level of dust protection and the second digit (0 to 8) tells the level of liquid protection. A product with IP60 is highly protected against dust but very susceptible to liquids. 

Here’s a table guide for IP ratings.

If you are planning to buy an ebike, then this would be a good thing to look at. If you already have an ebike, check the protection levels of your electric parts before taking a ride in the rain. This will be the first “DO” to ensure the safety of both rider and bicycle. You can watch cyclists from FLX Bike try riding in the rain

What are the DO’s and DON’TS?

The DO’s and DON’TS of riding in the rain are very important so make sure to take note of these.


  1. Be extra cautious
  • Riding in the rain is different from riding in nice weather. The road is extra slippery, there could be slick spots everywhere, handling the ebike is more difficult, and there’s an issue of visibility. 
  1. Speed and Braking: You are more prone to accidents and slip ups if you are going too fast in the rain. A sudden stop or a need to slow down may lead to skidding if the brakes are not applied properly. Observe controllable speed and proper braking to ensure safety.
  1. Road positioning: Try to maintain proper road positioning and keep your tires fully on the road as much as possible. Avoid puddles, potholes, flowing water, and places that look slippery. Puddles with a hint of rainbow color could indicate oil or other lubricant that make that part more slippery.
  1. Plan a safe route ahead of time: As much as possible, plan a safe route ahead of time so you’ll know where to go when it rains. 
  1. Safety gear 
    1. Basic safety gear: Wearing a helmet is mandatory anyway and the visor helps in keeping water away from your eyes. It is also recommended to equip goggles or clear glasses to see the path clearly. Other gears would include a reflectorized vest or some clothing that would increase your visibility.
  1. Helpful bike parts: A bike fender helps in preventing water from splashing all over the electrical system of your bike. It also helps in keeping you dry. Taillights and headlights are also important so you can see clearly, and be seen by other motorists easily.
  1. Weatherproofing equipment: Riding in the rain will eventually get everything wet. Having a raincoat or a jacket is a must. Keeping your things safe by buying weatherproof or sealed dry bags is also important.


1. Do not submerge the battery and motor in water

NEVER ride where the electric motor and battery will be submerged in water. E-bikes have the ability to resist certain levels of water pressure but they are never completely waterproof. Like any other electronics, the electrical system will be damaged if it is submerged in water for a prolonged period of time. 

2. Do not leave the e-bicycle in the rain

NEVER let your e-bike be exposed to heavy downpours. Relocate your ebike in a safe, dry storage space when it rains. 

How to protect my ebike?

To cover the LCD display, simply use a small plastic bag and tie a rubber band to enclose it. This may not look pretty but it’s functional. Depending on its IP rating, the LCD display of your ebike may be the most vulnerable electric part when it rains. Check its IP rating so you can be comfortable taking a ride when it rains. 

The connectors are pretty susceptible to rain too. One helpful tip in covering them is by using a heat shrink. Heat shrink tubing helps in insulating, providing resistance, and adding protection to wires. Beware of the standard heat shrink with 2:1 because it may actually trap water, and it would need more locks and zip ties to secure it.  Choose one with a high shrink (3:1, or 4:1) with a double wall to fully secure your connectors. Most e-bikes come with waterproof connectors so this is not your biggest problem.

What to do after riding in the rain?

Take some time to wash your bike after a rainy ride to easily remove debris while they are still soft. After washing, carefully wipe the bike down with a clean towel and try to remove the moistures off. Remove the battery and let it dry. Safe, dry storage comes next. You can watch a comprehensive video on how to wash an e-bike here.

For your own health and protection, you have to change your wet clothing as soon as you get home. 

Keeping safe at all times

While it is alright for the ebike to get wet, prolonged exposures can cause serious issues. Observe the rain first and judge it carefully. If it will get you soaked to the bone in a couple of minutes, then it might be better to reconsider and wait for it to turn into a light drizzle. 

As always, wear safety gear at all times when riding. Observe traffic rules and regulations. And most of all, have fun riding your bike, even in the rain! Feel free to comment down below your rainy bike experiences or any further questions. 

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