Best Electric Bikes For Winter 

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March 14, 2022

Some cycling enthusiasts prefer to have an electric bike over a regular bike. E-bikes are much faster, more convenient, and energy-efficient. It can easily climb hills, carry heavy things, and doesn't require much energy especially if you're going on a winter bike ride as you will be needing the best electric bikes for winter.

Electronic bikes might cost more compared to ordinary bikes because of the added technology, and this is why you need to think carefully before purchasing one. 

Expensive or not, electric bikes can assure you that your time riding it will be worth it. Electronic bikes can also run on any surface, and you can use them whether it's summer or winter. 

Yes, you've read it right. Even in winter, with all the icy roads, colder temperatures, and longer evenings, you can still rely on your e-bike as an alternative mode of transportation. Don't worry because it won't cause any damage to the batteries. You just have to make sure that it is stored in a room with the right amount of temperature. Below are the best recommendations on the best electric bikes for winter.

Best Electric Bikes For Winter



Price: $ 6599
Model Year: 2021
Total Weight: 154 lbs / 69.9 kg
Gears: 1-speed gate
Color: Black
Electrical Assist: Pedal-assist and throttle mode
Battery Voltage: 72 volts
Estimated Range: 200 Miles

Delfast top 3.0 is really on top because this particular electric bike is one of the company's bestsellers. This high-end ebike holds the Guinness World Record for being the longest-running electric bike on a single charge. Its cost is nothing compared to its features, which makes it the best overall e-bike on the list!

No weather can stop this bike, and it is capable of riding on all-terrain - whether it's mud, sand, or even snow. The upgraded battery is beneficial in winter days and nights wherein you may need to ride slower to be safer.

Equipped with a high-powered motor, a large-capacity battery, and high-quality suspension, this e-bike can take you anywhere. Its regenerative braking also maximizes range and increases stopping power. Accessories include integrated lights, turn signal lights, mirrors, a horn, and anti-theft sensors. What more can you ask for? 

Longest battery lifeHeavy
Pedelec and throttle mode are availableMay or may not be legal depending on the implementation state
Better-than-average warranty: frame is covered for life while everything else is covered for two years. Available in one size only 
Powerful rear hub motor, and batteryThe cockpit may be overloaded with all the accessories 
Impressive lighting to keep you visibleDifficult to remove the battery
Anti-theft for security Short fenders
One of the most popular e-bikes in America  
Smooth and powerful braking
All-terrain tires



Price: $2,300
Model Year: 2021
Total Weight: 41.9 lbs / 19 kg
Gears: 4-speed automatic or manual shifting
Color: Black and Light Blue
Electrical Assist: Pedal-assist
Battery Voltage: 36 volts
Estimated Range: 65 to 155 miles 

Under the hood, the S3 and X3 versions are nearly identical, except for frame types and wheel sizes. Vanmoof can give you a ride up to 63 to 150 kilometers. Many users love all the features of the Vanmoof S3. Some even wish that all electric bikes should have the same features as the Vanmoof S3.

An associated app must be set up before using the ebike. The e-bike is very easy to use because of the smooth shifting. Its plain but sleek design makes it even more attractive. It is also equipped with an anti-theft feature for additional security.

The Vanmoof S3 can give you a fantastic but effortless ride. With a highly affordable price, it's the kind of electric bike that everyone can use.

Anti-theft featureYou can’t remove the battery when charging
Very easy to operateNeeds an app to set up the e-bike
Smooth and automatic gear shiftingNo suspensions
Highly affordable
Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes
Quiet motor 



Price: $2499
Model Year: 2019, 2020
Total Weight: 74.2 lbs / 33.65kg
Gears: 8-speed Shimano Acera
Color: satin black with white and silver accents
Electrical assist: Pedal-assist, throttle mode
Battery voltage: 48 volts
Estimated range: 25-75 miles

The Magnum Ranger is powered by a 750 watt rear hub motor designed in Germany, which gives smooth and quick acceleration when you need it and just the appropriate amount of pedal aid when you want to get some exercise.

It's the kind of e-bike that is fully loaded for all weather and terrain. On wet days, the front and rear fenders keep you dry. The powerful front LED headlight illuminates the road at night, while the rear light makes you visible to oncoming traffic.

The main reason for this bike’s 4-star rating is because the pros clearly outweigh the cons. Riders would greatly benefit from the advantages of this bike, and would not really suffer severely from the cons. Its electric features are very reliable, and the parts are high-quality. Some of the disadvantages do not really affect the overall riding experience and performance. Most of the cons are only about appearance and accessories. 

Good-quality fendersLarge and heavy
Rear rack terrain tiresBattery display is in chunks rather than a percentage
Hydraulic disc brakesNot much space for accessories in the handlebar
Quality Front suspension forkNo bottle cage included
Competitive priceLights are not connected to the main battery
Pedelec and throttle mode are availableTool-free adjustable stems get loose easily
Fat tires for all-terrainThe display is not removable
Protective metal derailleur guardReflective sidewalls do not reflect well
Comfortable saddle
Powerful electric system

Electric fat bikes

Some cyclists also use fat tire types of electric bikes during winter. Fat tires have about twice the thickness of a regular bike, giving them the capability to travel on more surfaces than regular-width tires.

Fat tires work great as beach cruisers. It improves control and balance on nearly any terrain, making them ideal for riders looking for more versatility and comfort.

Swagtron EB8 Foldable Fat Tire All-Terrain


Price: $ 999.99
Model Year: 2019
Total Weight: 56.2 lbs
Color: Black
Gears: 7-speed Shimano
Electrical Assist: Pedal assist
Battery Voltage: 36 volts
Estimated Range: 21.4 miles

The Swagtron EB8 Foldable Fat Tire All-Terrain is fast, silent, and can ride any terrain. You can fold it to save some storage space. The battery is removable as well. The price is very affordable. Many users leave five-star reviews for this product. You can barely see any negative reviews for this one.

A comfortable ride with front & rear suspensionThe saddle may be uncomfortable depending on the rider’s size
Compact and foldable 
Easy assembly 
Removable battery 
Very affordable

Blix Packa Genie


Price: $1,699
Model Year: 2020
Total Weight: 67.7 lbs (30.7 kg)
Gears: 7-speed
Color: Gloss Slate Gray, Gloss Bright White, Gloss Teal
Electrical Assist: Pedal-assist and throttle mode
Battery Voltage: 48 volts
Estimated Range: 70 miles

The Packa is a full-featured, high-performance electric cargo bike with single and multiple battery choices for an increased range. This cargo bike can be a car replacement because of the large rear rack that can carry objects, and even passengers. The powerful motor offers easier rides on both flats and hills even with a heavy load. The battery offers longer range and the hydraulic disc brakes ensure sufficient stopping power no matter the load. 

There’s a $200 discount code when you purchase any 2 bikes on the official blix bike website.

AffordableMay be difficult to maneuver if payload is very heavy
Nice frame designNot as fast on hills compared to other competitors
Large rear rack for heavy load or passengers 
It can carry a lot of weight 
Big cargo, little cost
Additional battery
Great display

QuietKat Jeep


Price:  $6,699
Model Year: 2021
Total Weight: 79 lbs
Gears: 9-speed SRAM
Color: Charcoal, Matte red
Electrical Assist: Pedal assist
Battery Voltage: 48 volts
Estimated Range: 30 - 60 miles 

The QuietKat Jeep is a very capable and powerful e-bike. The Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor, considered one of the powerful mid-drives in the market, is the one that powers it. The Jeep e-bike combines excellent performance with cutting-edge technology to create the ultimate electric mountain bike. It is currently widely regarded as one of the best off-road electric mountain bikes available.

 Also, the QuietKat Jeep has a strong engine that can travel up to 40 kilometers on a single charge. Even the range of the battery can last 6 hours without charging. This is also an all-terrain bike, making it perfect for the winter season. 

9-speed gears
4-piston hydraulic disc brakes
Comes in different sizes-small, medium, and large
Can handle the toughest terrain 
Made from stainless and aluminum to ensure that it won't rust or discolor 

See what’s best for you

You must remember that the e-bike that you should buy is the e-bike that you need for the winter season. If you have extra bucks to drop on, then go for the Delfast 3.0, or the QuietKat Jeep if you prefer a fat e-bike. If you are looking for a more affordable and more compact one without compromising the quality, then go for the Swagtron Foldable.

If you need to carry heavy loads, or you want your kids to enjoy the ride, buy the Blix Packa Genie cargo e-bike. For an overall ride, consider the Magnum Ranger - powerful, affordable, all-terrain, and with both electrical assists available.

The electric bike classes you need to know.

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