Best Electric Bike For Hunting

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January 19, 2022

The Best Electric Bike For Hunting — Our 4 Top Picks!

You've got all the best gear. You want to get back farther than the guys on foot, do it quietly, and pack all that great gear with you. Check out these 4 Best Electric Bikes For Hunting to see if one of them will be your pack mule on your next hunt.

Electric bikes used to be underpowered, overweight, and made more for the smooth city streets than the backcountry hunting trails. Modern Ebikes are more capable, more powerful, and smoother riding than their predecessors.

Not only can these bikes help you get yourself and all your gear way back in the bush. They can help you save your energy for the actual hunt and not blow it all just packing in. And, to top it off, after the hunt is over, they can help you pack out your meat out without having to hump it all the way on your back.

If you want to hunt harder, hunt farther, and save your energy for the most important part of the hunt, then you should check out our favorite electric bikes for hunting!

Man Hunting On Electric Bike

Quietkat Ranger E Bike

Best for all-around electric hunting bike

·        Silent but powerful motor

·        Equipped with high-quality suspension

·        Has A load capacity of up to 325lbs.

Topping on our list is the Ranger E bike by Quietkat. This model is probably among the best electric hunting bike on the market today. With its quiet yet powerful 750-watt hub-drive motor and 7-speed gear, this will definitely satisfy your hunting experience and be a perfect bike to conquer difficult terrain.

In addition, this electric bike is equipped with mechanical disc brakes with a 203mm rotor which instantly reduces your speed to zero. You can reach up to 40 miles maximum due to its 48-volt Panasonic battery. Its fat tire will give you more traction and stability and allows you to tackle any type of terrain from soft snow to rugged hardpack roots and rocks.

The Ranger E-bike has a maximum load capacity of 325 lbs., which is ideal for hunters who carry loads of gears. Not only that, due to its balanced frame built and generous load capacity this can also be used in fishing, camping, bike trails, and other extreme outdoor activities.

You might want to consider the Quietkat Ranger E-bike if you don’t mind the low mile range yet delivers a stunning overall performance. For its price, it’s well worth it in complementing your hunting experience which is why this makes it our best electric hunting bike.


Motor: 750 watts and 1000 watts

Battery: 48V, Lithium-Ion

Charging Time: 5-6 Hours

Maximum Speed: 20 mph

Maximum Distance: 48 mi

Weight: 65 lbs.

Price: $3,199.00 - $3,499.00

Rambo The Rebel 1000XPC TrueTimber

Best for rugged and very rough terrain

·   1000W powerful mid-drive motor

· High-quality construction

·  Excellent traction and braking system

If you’re looking for a hunting e bike that can withstand even the most extreme road condition, The Rebel 1000XPC by Rambo might suit you for your hunting trip. This features a Bafang high caliber 1000-watt mid-drive motor and is powered by a Samsung 48v 21 Ah battery. This combination makes this e bike a powerhouse companion for hunting.

Other noteworthy features are the GT860 air fork and equipped with Maxxis Minion fat tire for improved handling against extreme terrain. Also, you can reach your destination at a great distance because the battery range is up to 48 miles at best.

Additionally, this doesn’t only work well on mountain trails, but also for sandy terrain which is great for hunting and fishing as well. Plus, the max load capacity is up to 300 lbs. Made with lightweight yet sturdy aluminum alloy.



1000 watts mid-drive motor

Battery: 48V 21 Ah, Lithium-Ion

Charging Time: 5-6 Hours

Maximum Speed: 20 mph

Maximum Distance: 48 mi

Weight: 69 lbs.

Price: $5,499.99

Cyrusher XF900 Electric Bike 750w

Best alternative to high-end electric hunting bikes

·        Powerful 750-watt motor

·        The top speed reaches up to 28 mph

·        Sturdy frame built for very rough terrain

Next on

our list Cyrusher XF900 Electric Bike 750w. Besides its powerful 750-watt motor, what makes this electric bike worthwhile for your hunting experience are full suspension support, fat tires, and the easy adjustment of the front fork, which allows you to ride most types of terrain even the most challenging roads that mountain bikes can’t.

Among the best highlights included are the upgraded 180 mm disc rotor, double suspension seat for more comfortability, a 6500-lumen LED headlight, and an LCD display monitor (for battery indicator, speedometer, wattmeter, etc.). These features ensure your overall riding experience as well as your safety.

Its wheel size is 27.5 inches and the tires are fat enough which is suitable for off-road and trails. This means, Cyrusher XF900 is great for your hunting trips and even on any bike trails. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum.

This electric bike reaches 28 mph (45 kph) on the top end. The battery powers 48v and 17 Ah with750-watt high capacity. This can last up to 35-62 miles if fully charged. This may not be as good as other high-end electric hunting bikes, but decent enough in ensuring your hunting experience is worthwhile.


Motor: 750 Watts Battery: 48V, Lithium-Ion

Charging Time: 4-6 Hours

Maximum Speed: 28 mph

Maximum Distance: 62 mi

Weight: 74.9 lbs.

Price: $3,091.70

Recon Ranger Electric Hunting Bike

Best heavy-duty hunting e bike

·        Strong 1000-watt mid-drive motor

·        Equipped with LCD control for a better riding experience

·        Geared with premium components

Hunting with a heavyweight load can be cumbersome and difficult while hitting off-road. The Recon Ranger is another great option when you are loaded with hunting gear and if you’re going on difficult terrain. This offers a lot of capabilities because the 1000-watt mid-drive motor gives more torque and power.

The Recon Ranger has a speed ranging from 25 to 30 mph at best and can go up to 50 miles in one charge on ideal condition. Loaded with a 48-volt Samsung battery which can last long even in tough conditions. In addition, this is equipped with a smart LCD which contains important features for an improved riding experience.

Also, this includes the Shimano drivetrain and heavy-duty hydraulic disc brakes. This hunting e bike has a wide variety of colors to choose from. The Recon Ranger is your best option if you have an excessive load for hunting.


Motor: 1000 watts mid-drive motor Battery: 48V, Lithium-Ion

Charging Time: 5-6 Hours

Maximum Speed: 30 mph

Maximum Distance: 50 mi

Weight: 75 lbs.

Price: $3,995.00

Advantages Of Having An Electric Bike For Hunting

It’s amazing how technology affects the outdoor experience specifically hunting activities, especially when you have an electric bike. Considering these e-bikes are class 3 type, it’s a great help especially if you are loaded with hunting equipment and when you’re heading off-road while going to your favorite hunting ground.

Another great idea is to get a set of gear mounts for your hunting bike to keep your rifle or bow available for an easy grab when you need it. Here are some of the other advantages that are worth mentioning when you have an electric hunting bike:

Electric Bikes Have a Quiet Motor

Hunting activity involves stealth actions to catch a deer or a duck. You’ll also be needing hunting gear and hunting accessory that doesn’t create too much noise. Some hunters use ATVs, although this can distract animals. However, e-bikes for hunting offer quiet yet able to deliver powerful performance especially top-of-the-line electric bikes.

Electric Bikes Can Tackle Even Very Rough Terrain

Most hunting grounds are often located in remote areas and getting there can be challenging and difficult. That’s why using a hunting e-bike will do the job and it can even tackle all kinds of terrain from sandy surfaces to extremely rugged terrain. Besides that, you can also use hunting e-bikes for fishing, camping, and other extreme outdoor activities. And getting to these places involves difficult terrain which most electric bikes for hunting can handle.

Electric Bikes Are Portable And Lightweight

Among the advantage of these hunting e-bikes is that you can bring this literally everywhere because of their extreme portability and lightweight built much like a mountain bike only with a motor. Just place this on your bike rack and you’re good to go for your hunting adventures and even other outdoor sports.

You Can Easily Transport Your Hunting Equipment With Electric Bikes

The best thing about e-bikes is that you can pair them with a trailer or add some bags and baskets if you have a bulky load. It’s given that hunting trips often add some extra weight and it can be overbearing to bring especially if there are up hills and down hills along your way.

This is where the e-bikes come to play. Because of their portability and being very accessible for towing your hunting equipment, excess weight is no problem.

Things To Consider When Buying An Electric Hunting Bike

Not all electric bikes for hunting can ensure their longevity and reliability especially when put to the test. To make sure you’ll end up buying the right electric hunting bike, you should consider looking at some of these factors first. Below are some things to consider when you’re buying an electric hunting bike.

Mid-Drive Or Hub Motor?

When looking for an electric hunting bike, you’ll eventually come across two main types of motor namely mid-drive and hub motor. Some users preferred mid-drive motors because they have higher performance delivering more range and power well as easy to maintain cadence when pedaling. However, their price range is always higher compared to the hub motor.

On the other hand, other users preferred hub motors, because of their low maintenance and cheaper price. The only drawback for hub motors is they can add weight to the electric bike affecting the overall balance.

Fat Tires For E-Bikes

Generally, you may want to consider looking for fat and bulky tires particularly if you are going for a hunting trip. Because fat tires usually provide more traction support, giving you more grip and helping you to pedal easier when riding off-road.

Full Suspension Or Moderate Suspension Support

The suspension support of your electric hunting bike should be either moderate or full suspension support. Although the selection of suspension will depend on the location of your hunting trip. If the road is well-run or mostly even surface, you should go for moderate suspension support.

However, if you are riding on challenging terrain with up and down hills, it is much suitable to choose full suspension support for a smoother ride experience without feeling any jittery or feeling sick.

Battery Performance

Most likely you’ll be climbing hills and riding on rugged terrain, plus most hunting grounds are located relatively far. In order to survive, you’ll need better battery performance so you can reach your destination and go back in one piece.

Quality Of The Frame

When it comes to choosing a frame, ideally, you need to look for the weight, material type, and stability of an electric hunting bike. Although most frames are made of aluminum alloy, not all of them offer balanced and sturdy that is suited for hunting.

Also, there are lightweight and heavyweight frames offered in every electric bike. Lightweight frames are great for longer travel, offer more speed, and you won’t tire out immediately, however, you won’t carry much load.

Equipping a heavy-weight electric bike will give you more support if you have more carrying load, but these are challenging for long-distance rides.

Mechanical Disc Brake System Or Hydraulic Brake System

Another important factor to look for is finding the right brake system. There is two main brake system in electric bikes: mechanical disc and hydraulic brake. Both brakes have their advantages and disadvantages.

Mechanical brakes are usually easy to repair, quiet, and much better in terms of brake performance. While hydraulic disc breaks are responsive, low maintenance, and provide better-stopping power.

In addition, make sure to know what type of terrain you’re going to ride. That way, you will know what type of brake system is suitable for you.

Local Ebike Regulations

One last thing to keep in mind before you load up your new Ebike for your hunt. Each state in the US and other countries have their own sets of regulations and rules to be aware of. If you want to learn about the general ebike regulations in the United States then you can read our US Ebike Regulations article here.

Half way down that article we have a full list of all 50 states and an entire article dedicated to helping you learn about the specific Ebike regulations for each state. Have a look, and make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you take your new Ebike out on its first hunt.


Although these hunting e bikes are great and one of the best, there’s still a particular product that really stood out among the rest. After our careful evaluation and based on the customer reviews, the Ranger E-Bike by Quietkat makes the overall best electric hunting bike in this review.

What makes this the best is the overall performance and its stealthy but delivers powerful performance making it the best option for hunting. Depending on the motor, this can be powered 750-watt or 1000-watt. Added with a high-quality full suspension system and more load capacity making it a perfect companion for hunting.

The price range is fairly reasonable ranging from $3,199.00 - $3,499.00 which is pretty decent. If you want the best electric bike for hunting, you should check out the Ranger E-Bike of Quietkat for a worthwhile hunting companion.

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