Best Electric Bicycles Under 1000

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March 23, 2022

Electric bicycles or e-bikes have become a trend lately due to their premium features and ever-advancing technology. As the e-bike market booms, competition increases, pushing companies to improve their products and, more importantly, lower their prices.

As a result, e-bikes have become more affordable than ever. But although prices have gone down significantly, choosing the best e-bike for you can still be tricky. Finding the right e-bike that hits the sweet spot between pricing and features can be challenging, but we've got you covered in this review with some of the best electric bicycles under 1000.

Best Electric Bicycles Under 1000 — Top Recommendations

1. ANCHEER 500W Electric Bike

Best value for money in e-bikes under $1000

  • durably made with high-quality materials
  • equipped with a powerful motor
  • comes with three cycling modes

For several years, ANCHEER has been dedicated to cutting-edge technology, innovation, and high-quality materials to manufacture the best products in the market. The ANCHEER 500W Electric Bike – Best Mountain is no exception.

It has three functional models: an e-bike, an assisted bicycle, and a traditional bicycle. Thanks to a 500w strong engine, this electric bike makes it easy to conquer hills. Thus, everyday commuting, a day on the mountain, or a leisurely ride on your favorite route won't take much effort. 

If you're looking for speed and power, go no further than the ANCHEER 500W Electric Bike. It has a maximum speed of 20mph and a 21-speed gearbox. With a strong motor and long-lasting battery, you can go between 20 and 40 miles per hour. 

In addition, the frame and seat tube of this e-bike is made of aluminum alloy. The 26-inch rims provide a level of stability that is unmatched. A maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs. may be supported by the frame material. 


Motor:500 watts
Battery:36V 12.5Ah
Charging time:6 hours
Maximum speed:20 mph
Maximum distance:25-45 mi.
Maximum capacity:330 lbs.
Weight:50 lbs

OppsDecor 20 Inch Folding Electric Bike

Most portable e-bike under $1000

  • portable and foldable
  • charges fast
  • comes with a 7-speed Shimano transmission system

Due to its lightweight aluminum alloy construction and foldable design, the OppsDecor 20-Inch Folding Electric Bike is easy to store and transport. If you plan on taking your electric bike on a road trip, this model is great because it can fit in your trunk and doesn't take up a lot of room. 

The highest speed that can be reached by the 250W brushless gear motor is 15 mph. Even though it is small, the vehicle can carry a load of up to 330 pounds despite its tiny weight. 

Carbon steel high-strength forks are used to make the front forks, which provide excellent shock absorption for a smooth-riding sensation. The handlebars are built from aluminum alloy and include an ergonomic thumb throttle mounted neatly on top of them. 

Other than these features, this e-bike comes with an LED headlight and a horn on the handlebar. Shimano's 7-speed professional gearbox system makes shifting gears a breeze. 

The front and rear-wheel brakes also contribute to the vehicle's safety. For added security, the Shimano speed shifter provides an even more compact braking distance. Also included is an LED 3-speed smart meter button that allows you to choose between three modes: e-bike, assisted bicycle, any standard bike. 


Motor:250 watts, brushless
Battery:36V 8Ah lithium-ion 
Charging time:4-6 hours
Maximum speed:15 mph
Maximum distance:15-30 mi.
Maximum capacity:330 lbs.
Weight:50 lbs.
Price: $629.99

 Eahora XC100 Electric Bike

Best mountain e-bike under $1000

  • battery energy can be regenerated using cycling energy
  • has a range up to 80 miles
  • comes with a password-protection feature

Efficacy, durability, and adaptability are all critical considerations in the design of the Eahora XC100. An e-bike with lengthy battery life is ideal for cyclists who love long rides. You should also consider this bike if you have a limited budget and require an e-bike with a clear display. 

The anti-skid tires are exploited by disc brakes on the rear and front wheels. With a Shimano Gear, you can tailor your ride to the terrain you're traversing. 

In terms of quality and longevity, its LG battery is among the best in the industry. But what makes it a great deal is that its E-PAS technology charges it at a rate of 20% while cycling. For example, if you're riding this bike downhill, it uses the collected kinetic energy to initiate recharging in the motor. 

The e-bike also has an LCD, which is budget-friendly but of high quality. It's a large, weatherproof display that shows everything you need to know while you go. The odometer, clock data, battery bar, riding mode, and distance are easily accessible on this unit's dashboard. 

Also included is a function that allows you to lock the e-bike and display it with a password. 


Motor:350 watts, E-PAS
Battery:48V 10.4Ah, LG cells
Charging time:4-5 hours
Maximum speed:18-21 mph
Maximum distance:80 mi.
Maximum capacity:280 lbs.
Weight:50 lbs.

NAKTO 26" 250W City-Electric Bicycle

Best cruiser e-bike under $1000

  • extremely affordable
  • has a 6-level Shimano gear system
  • features an ergonomic design for comfortable city-riding

The Nakto Electric Bike is a low-cost e-bike that is ideal for city commuting. An all-inclusive design, it's suitable for both men and women. 

With this e-bike, you'll have everything you need for city rides. On uneven roads, it boasts a great front suspension that provides a great deal of comfort. There is also a rear carrier to keep your things with you, expandable with side bags. 

There is a hub motor linked to the rear wheel of the bike, which provides a low-power, low-cost alternative. Depending on the terrain, its high-speed 250W brushless motor may reach 20 to 26MPH on city roads. 

Shock absorption and durability are the hallmarks of the fork's carbon steel blend construction. High-intensity, bright front lights, and an adjustable seat make this a premium commuter bike option. 

There is enough power in the front-wheel braking system, which is of a V-brake type. Expansion brakes are fitted to the hubs of the rear wheels. 

When it comes to riding comfort, its front suspension is a must-discuss feature. It's a significant bike component, and it's made of the same carbon steel available at a greater price. Even on uneven city streets, this provides adequate shock absorption and a comfortable ride. 


Motor:250 watts, rear-hub brushless
Battery:36V 10Ah, lithium
Charging time:3-6 hours
Maximum speed:22 mph
Maximum distance:22-28 mi.
Maximum capacity:250 lbs.
Weight:50-70 lbs.

Advantages of an electric bicycle

Most likely, if you're reading this, you've already made up your mind to buy an electric bike. However, if you're not convinced, riding an electric bike to work, around town, or for fun may be an excellent way to get around. The following are the primary benefits of riding an e-bike: 


E-bikes may be a little pricey at first. However, you will spend a lot less than you would for a car or other large-powered vehicle once you make the first purchase. Gas, parking, and auto insurance are all taken care of for you! 


Compared to driving a vehicle or riding a motorbike, using electric power substantially cuts your carbon footprint. Using an e-bike can help the environment by reducing the number of toxic substances in the air. 

Easy to store

To store your bike, you will not need a parking place or a considerable area. A vehicle or bigger scooter/motorcycle is not an option for individuals who live in remote locations without parking. 

Simple to ride

Pedal assistance on an e-bike will help you reach your goal even if you do not wish to exercise while riding your bicycle. When you're in the mood for a solid workout, it may also serve as a wonderful type of exercise. 

Things to consider when buying electric bicycles

These are some features that you must consider in buying an electric bicycle:


You must first decide where and when you intend to ride the e-bike. For example, if you reside in a city that requires a lot of commuting, you may want to look for a cruiser like the NAKTO 26" 250W City-Electric Bicycle. Alternatively, if you reside in a more isolated area, you may prefer designs similar to the Eahora XC100 Electric Bike.

Battery size and power

As a general rule, go for the best battery size and quality you can afford. Watt-hour capacity is used to measure the range of your e-bike (Wh). Generally, more Wh indicates more battery juice, but this will also depend on how much energy your motor requires.


If you've completely charged your battery, you're unlikely to run out of juice on a regular road trip. However, in terms of charging your e-bike, the overall distance you can travel before running out of charge will be critical to consider. 

The less frequently you'll need to recharge your battery, the more miles you'll cover. Many other variables exist in theory. For starters, you won't be running the battery at full capacity all the time. You're more inclined to switch between modes. To extend your battery life, for example, specific models include eco settings. 


Think about your bike's purpose and riding style to understand how weight could affect your e-performance. bike's 

Road riders who want to ride in groups should search for bikes that are lighter. When it comes to performance and handling, this is an area where even with additional motor assistance, the weight of a bike may still have an impact. 

When you're not on the e-bike, the weight of the bike has a more significant impact. Carrying your bike on stairs, on and off busy trains, or even on a rack in your car will make it more challenging to manage the extra weight regularly. 


E-bikes are no longer a high-end item, and their prices have been decreasing. You can now buy hybrid electric bikes for less than $1,000 as an entry-level commuter bike. Ultimately, the price will be determined by how much you anticipate you'll use the bike and your budget

Thus, when buying e-bikes, you should take all of these factors into account. You'll have to select which characteristics are most important to you based on your commute needs if you choose one of the many bikes available.


After reviewing and comparing the varying features of the e-bikes in this review,  the ANCHEER 500W Electric Bike stands as the best electric bicycle under 1000 bucks. Striking a balance between price and functionality, this e-bike from ANCHEER delivers more than its value for money.

With a powerful motor paired with high-quality components, you should really try to consider it when looking for e-bikes. The ANCHEER 500 delivers high-quality performance without having you worry about breaking the bank.

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