6 Best Accessories for Electric Bikes That Fits Your Riding Style

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March 30, 2022

You now have an electric bike. Well, that's a start. However, it would be great if you add some best accessories for electric bikes to add some flair and to help you feel more comfortable in your day-to-day e biking experience, whether you're using it for running errands, exercise, or daily commute.

Having bike accessories such as a water bottle, bottle cage, storage compartment, extra bag, bike helmet, or others is vital whenever you ride your e-bike because you never know what you'll need or if something happens while you're on the road.

I'll be sharing with you some of the must-have electric bike accessories that are helpful when you're on the road, yet their price won't cost you much.

6 Best Accessories for Electric Bikes

Electric Bike Helmet

Even on a seemingly quiet path with few obstacles, you should always wear a helmet. I have a safe solution for your electric bike helmet to provide adequate protection without getting uncomfortable while wearing it.

Investing in a bike helmet is a must for a severe commuter or even in just your regular e biking activity. Not all bike helmets have the same quality and price range, and these helmets are, I think, a worthwhile investment for your safety.

Best Pick
PHZ Adult Bike Helmet
9/10Our Score

If you want to gear up for your regular commute, the PHZ Helmet is something to consider. It's sturdy enough and great to protect your head if there's an accident. One of the critical factors you will notice in this helmet is the construction quality and affordability and less the aesthetic appeal.

 In addition, this won't make you sweat or feel uncomfortable due to its design features, notably the ventilation reducing any overheating while wearing.

 It's Made from high-quality PC shell material and high-density EPS foam. This means, wearing this helmet won't give you a hard time while riding because it's lightweight and soft yet durable enough to provide you with protection.

 Other cool features to include are the integrated tail light powered by a rechargeable USB and the built-in sun visor, which gives shade from the sunlight and rain while on the road.

 All in all, the PHZ Adult Bike Helmet is an excellent helmet for electric bicycles. Added that, with the superior quality materials, features, and reasonable price, this is an incredible bargain for every ride you take.


Bike Lights

Although some electric bikes have integrated lights commonly found in good quality e-bike models, you should probably buy good quality bike lights if your e-bike doesn't come with a bike light.

These lights increase your visibility on the road and give awareness to your surroundings, making sure you are seen by vehicles and pedestrians approaching in front or back. When buying a bike light, make sure it's bright enough, especially on the headlight and rear light.

Best Pick
BrightRoad Bike Light
8/10Our Score

The BrightRoad bike light may be small in size, but this can illuminate the road, even the darkest road, because of the 8,000 lumens, which can light up to 650 feet of range. What's fascinating about this is that it's a combo pack. Therefore, the package includes both from and rear lights, as seen in the image.

 It's very bright, and it's a good investment, particularly for a serious commuter or for people who ride on the wooded trails at night. You can also rotate the headlight to 360 degrees and the tail light to 220 degrees.

 Moreover, you can operate this in 3 safety modes on the tail light while five modes on the headlight, depending on your preference. Plus, you can use this rain or shine without damaging its internal components because this has a waterproof rating of IPX6.

 Overall, the BrightRoad e-bike lights are an added value for your electric bike, more particularly if you don't have any headlight or tail light. It's luminous, which can make your presence known while in the dark. For its price, it's certainly a handy accessory for your electric bike.


Rearview Mirrors

It may seem unusual to have a rearview mirror installed in your electric bike, but if you want to be sure of safety, then having this kind of accessory is a good idea for your e-bike.

I haven't tried installing rearview mirrors, but I think that it's a great accessory because you don't have to turn your head when looking back or sideways when; you can just look into the mirror and see who's approaching.

Best Pick
Hafny New Handlebar Bike Mirror
8/10Our Score

Suppose you want the added safety of having rearview mirrors but don't want to spoil the aesthetic of your beautiful road bike. In that case, the Hafney bike mirror should cover your worry when looking for approaching pedestrians or vehicles from the back.

 This is not just an ordinary mirror you can see in the local store. The Hafny mirror features an HD automotive-grade and anti-glare blue glass lens providing a clearer view of the environment. Made of an eco-friendly sturdy nylon frame for more extended use and uses a convex lens so you can see in a wider view.

 It's easy to install, although you will need a 5mm hex key when you're assembling this. However, the only problem with this is that it's only sold individually. So, the left and suitable mirrors are sold separately. In addition, you have the option to choose the regular mirror or with anti-glare.

 Overall, if you have an upsize budget, you can buy the Hafny New Handlebar Bike Mirror in pairs, and you have no problem when it comes to quality because it's well built and well-designed rearview mirror for your electric bike.


Bike Repair Kit

Like a vehicle or a motorcycle, even an e-bike must have a dedicated bike repair kit. Having bicycle tools is essential, especially for standard maintenance or conducting simple repairs like changing the tires, fixing the seat post, changing the chain drive, et cetera.

It's an excellent investment, and it will save you more compared to bringing it to the bike shop. Although if it's beyond repair, that's the only time you should go to your trusted bike shop.

Selecting a bike repair kit shouldn't be so hard, even if there are too many available on the market. Generally, you should consider buying a complete toolset with a storage case. This is to make sure you have the necessary tools to fix or conduct some simple bike maintenance and to make sure your tools are kept safe and properly.

Best Pick
RUBY-Q Bike Tool Kit 44pcs
7.8/10Our Score

The RUBY-Q Bike Tool Kit is an excellent investment and this can cover from simple to complex fixing and maintenance due to its number of tools included from adjusting the spoke, removing the chain, disassembling the freewheel, fixing the bottom bracket, and so on.

 This kit includes a total of 44 pieces of tools such as screwdrivers, metric Allen wrenches, an adjustable wrench for axle nuts, et cetera. In addition, this includes a sturdy black storage case so you can properly store the tools and prevent any loss.

 Why bother buying some of these tools in the hardware store when you can have a bike tool like the RUBY-Q, which consists of 44 pieces of tools in one pack? It's a great tool of investment in making sure your electric bike is well taken care of and preserving its good condition for longevity.


Bike rack

Installing a rear rack or front rack can be extremely useful, especially if you carry some extra load on your e-bike. Your bag alone won't probably fit all your loads, including your grocery items, bike tools, etc.

A bike rack is an essential item particularly if you use your electric bike for food delivery or for cargo; although optional, it's a great relief to have one of these installed in your electric bike.

Best Pick
Ibera Bike Rack
7.3/10Our Score

An attractive and robust rack like the Ibera Bike Rack is an ideal solution with a lightweight and sturdy design, with features such as a quick-release mounting system. Among the feature, you'll notice the lightweight build, it's made of anodized aluminum, and the welding is smooth finished, which is a sign of excellent quality.

 This bike rack is primarily compatible with electric bikes with disc brakes and can fit 26" to 29" frames. It's suitable for heavy loads that can carry up to 55 lb (25kg), which is not bad to use for your grocery or storing items on your daily commute.

 Racks like these can be safely positioned on an e-bike frame, ensuring that a cyclist can continue in heavy terrain without hitches without causing damage.

 With that in mind, the Ibera Bike Rack provides strong support for the storage compartment but what's great about this is the durable, lightweight frame.


Bike Bags

Alongside racks, bags such as Pannier Bags add sophistication to electric mountain bike setups. These pannier bags hang from the rear wheel of your electric bike and are fully waterproof and made with marine quality materials suitable for a camping expedition or for your daily commute adding this among the best accessories for electric bikes.

Keep in mind that you need to select a bike bag that possesses good quality care, and it will serve as a storage compartment while on the go without breaking the stitches for everyday use,

Best Pick
TOURBON Canvas Bike Pannier Bag
8.5/10Our Score

Whether you're on you're off-road expedition, a regular e-bike commuter, or running an errand, you can't miss having a bag mounted on your electric bike, such as the TOURBON Canvas Bike Pannier Bag. It's chic looking but made with high-quality waxed waterproof canvas.

 This comes with two large compartments and a shoulder strap, so you can bring this along or mount it at the rear wheel. I've noticed that this can easily be rolled up and released every time you need this.

 It's spacious and can fit your grocery items. You can even store your laptop, water bottle, bike tools, etc. The bottom has strong support, so it won't feel too baggy.

 However, this is not fully waterproof in the rain. This can't stand well on downpours and rains as it could spit rain, and the water would get in around the flap.

 All in all, TOURBON Canvas Bike Pannier Bag has aesthetic appeal, not to mention it's made with high-quality waterproof canvas. It's an excellent choice for style, especially for urban commutes, but this can also be used in most types of rides.


Other Essential Accessories to have for E-bike Riders

best accessories for electric bikes

Bike Gloves

A good quality bike gloves can protect you from getting blisters and friction if you're using the electric bike regularly and having long ride trips. Because long rides or going on a hard trail needed some firm grip so you can gain balance your handle well, especially when you're riding on a bumpy road, complex terrain, or you're maintaining a high cadence on the road.

The bike gloves I recommend:

Atercel Bike Gloves

This bike gloves is used for cycling and other activities such as lifting weights, training, and a gym. The gloves fit well and have a microfiber component for extra gripping power. In addition, the gloves are breathable, and the design is very ergonomic and prevents friction or having blisters, not to mention this features anti-slip silicone gel.


For electric bike riders who ride during the daytime to wear quality sunglasses for eye protection when the sun's rays are high to the point that it hinders your vision. Also, cycling sunglasses offer protection from UV rays, absorb excess light that blocks your vision, and prevent the risk of eye damage from too much exposure to the sun.

My top recommendation for cycling sunglasses:

Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Great for men and women cyclists looking for well-balanced quality and price points. It includes 3 interchangeable colored lenses. The lens is covered with UV protection coating for better vision and reduces the risk of eye damage. What I like about this sports sunglasses is that it's comfortable to wear due to the soft rubber nose pad and the frame design offers a rimless jacket for better lower vision field and style.

Bike Pumps

Among the best accessories for electric bikes to have is the bike pump. Don't expect your tire is invulnerable to unexpected disasters or tire punctures. There will be inevitable events while on the road; something unexpected is bound to happen, and among those is having a flat tire.

Bike Pump to have:

Vibrelli Mini Bike Pump

Mini bike pumps like Vibrelli's are a must-have bike accessory. It's portable, and you don't feel any heavy load while carrying it. Besides that, there's no need to change the valve, and it's compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves without having any leaks or even the need for extra adaptors.

Final Thoughts

Alright. These are some of the best accessories for electric bikes that are an added factor for aesthetics that fit any riding style, but more importantly, extremely useful accessories. Some of these e-bike accessories can be bought at your local bike shop.

My favorite among the electric bike accessories here is the TOURBON Canvas Bike Pannier Bag. Because of the stylish and sturdy bag that can offer extra load, especially when I'm on my long bike trips. Additionally, having an Ibera Bike Rack installed wonderfully complements my bike bag, which gives extra support and adds another extra load whenever I bring my outdoor equipment.

On top of that, riding an e-bike can be beneficial for you if it's done regularly for at least 30 mins to an hour. But be sure to perform standard maintenance on your e-bike at least once a month with your handy bike tools.

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