Alaska Ebike Laws — What Are The Regulations?

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May 8, 2022

Alaska is an expansive state for biking tours and also offers lots of trails. Although Alaska is far from a big state, there are some very basic bicycle laws to keep your eye on while riding, so you won't be worried if anything happens to your bike when you are in this beautiful place. But what about e-bike use within the Alaskan state?

This article will mainly discuss the Alaska ebike laws and teach you some of the important etiquette when you're on a bike trail.

Alaska and Electric Bikes

In Alaska, electric motorcycles are machines with two or six tires weighing less than 7500 ccs. You will need an advanced license level M4 or higher at the moment. All drivers older than 16 will need an M or 3 license to operate a bicycle, without any license or training required.

E-bikes on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) -managed public land

E-bikes are bicycles equipped with an electric motor of up to 750 watts that has one horsepower (1.65 HP). BLM managers can also determine what non-motorized walking trails can take place along managed land from the

BLM. BLG districts and field managers must consider the possibility of accepting e-bike use when required under relevant law. How do I keep informed of any upcoming new bikes/motorcycle news at their online stores?

Motorized areas and trails

Find an accessible or accessible motor route available at OHV Park. Public land owned by the BLM consists of many opportunities to ride the bike, including the open OHV area and road systems.

Non-motorized trails

Get in touch with the local Bureau of Information. E-bikes and nonmotorized vehicles may operate only unless BLM Manager is authorized.

Some general laws

The law on cycling in Alaska may sound strange, but it does bring about an unusual aspect. Another key feature is huge mammals like bears and moose. You cannot move an entire bike around the car with one driver. You might be able to do this at the end.

It seems the police could get better of the situation and stop everything else. When it does not have traffic, unicycling is a wonderful way to enjoy it while taking the ride and riding with your hands on the handles.

Alaska Ebike Law Infographic

Other State Ebike Laws

The laws in various other states can be quite different than the ebike laws in Alaska. Check out these other articles about ebike laws in California, E-bike laws in Arizona, and E bike laws in Connecticut for detailed information about each of these states' specific ebike laws.

Riding in a Lawful Fashion

Alaska doesn't have many laws like others. There's no law limiting how far a person has to pass through. If a cyclist gets drunk on a motorcycle, it can be dangerous as a result of alcohol misuse.

There have been no regulations on the registration of cycling vehicles. The laws of Alaska have definite implications as compared to vehicles.

Do you need a license, insurance, or registration in Alaska?

Alaska also requires cyclists to obtain Level 2 permission for riding electric bikes. Riders can only get the license from their parents who approve it as required by an adult. Any rider aged 14 and older has to be issued an electric bike license if they have received training for 6 months prior.

Are there any age restrictions for riding an electric bike in Alaska?

Alaska has a special visa. These permits are issued at the age of 13 parents, and you have a parent's agreement with the state. This permit gives you the ability to operate motorized bike vehicles with engines requiring less than 50cc.

The law regarding helmets in Alaska?

Alaska State law mandates the use of protective helmets in public transport, which meets prevailing safety and protection legislation and the U.S. Highway.

Tell me the definition of electric bikes in Alaska.

The state of Alaska defines an electric bike as any vehicle featuring two/3 wheels with pedal gear under 750W.

Where are eBikes not allowed?

Unless on the highway, classes 2-6 e-bikes must remain prohibited. Class 1 electric bicycles are designed exclusively for outdoor use.

Are eBikes legal in Alaska?

In Alaska, electric bicycling is defined as “motorized cycles”. A motor-driven bike has many other characteristics not included in the conventional bicycle industry. The motorcyclist carries the operator's license. These cars require no registration.

What's the purpose of the Alaska Ebike Laws?

Basically, imposed laws on the motor-driven cycle are to make sure every e-bike is regulated to maintain peace and order. This is why some states require you to acquire a permit or a license

Trail etiquette

Regardless of what kind of bike you ride be it riders of traditional bikes or e-bike riders, it's important to behave and don't do unnecessary things that could negatively affect the trail location.

That said, trail stewardship has an overall objective of taking into consideration all trail travelers in order to safeguard and enhance the trail environment. Here is some important trail etiquette to know:

  • Always wear a helmet
  • Always keep right on bike paths
  • Signal the other trail users if you're turning, slowing down, or passing through
  • Obey the traffic signs and signals at all times
  • Watch your speed at all times
  • Don't spook wild animals
  • Have a contact number of the national park service


Secretary of Interior Dan Bernhardt issued Secretary order 3376 on increased leisure opportunities in motor vehicles electric bikes and scooters. This proposal will update the MHV DOT-BLO regulations 43 CFR section 8320. In response to the substantive comments received by people who had made substantive comments this ruling could result in BLM updates. The ruling is intended primarily through public participation.

Important Note:

All of our e-bike rules and regulations are based on each local state's e-bike laws. In addition, our information and details regarding these ebike laws are not permanent and are subject to change especially when there are updates and missed out details.

We highly encourage that you check with local authorities or check the website of your State, County, City, and other agencies.

See more information about bike laws in every state with our article: Ebike Regulations State Specific

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